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Wooden Windows

Wooden windows: nature, appearance, individuality

They give you a view to the outside, they let the daylight into the room, they protect you from rain, cold, wind and noise: your windows have multiple functions. Their appearance determines the appearance of the entire building. Whether erecting a new building or renovating an existing one, make sure that the windows match the given building’s architectural style. With a natural material such as wood, you can obtain diverse shapes and interesting arrangements of windows. Whether you choose circular or polygonal, tiny or lattice type, wood will enable you to pursue personalized arrangements down to the smallest detail.

Windows would mostly determine the overall spatial impression, as their layout, size, colour or finish affect the inhabitants’ perceptions of their living space. High quality and authenticity – these are the attributes many people associate with a natural material. With its natural and warm aura, wood creates a pleasant atmosphere in the given space, thus contributing to your well-being at home. When various fittings or types of surface finish are used, you can also adapt the inside of wooden window frames in a flexible way to different interior arrangements and the general style of the given apartment.

Material with superior insulation qualities

In terms of energy efficiency, wooden windows will be the right choice. This is because wood has advanced insulating properties: in winter, it will help maintain the cold outside, and in summer it will offer effective protection from heat. Wooden windows meet the requirements of the new energy efficiency regulation, as they contribute to lower energy consumption and related costs of heating. Depending on the type of design, they can even be used in zero-energy or passive houses.

Quality of an apartment is further enhanced by isolation from outside noise. With the use of wooden windows, even the most stringent soundproofing requirements can be met and exceeded. Contrary to popular opinion, wood has relatively long life and high resistance, also in case of fire. In order to ensure advanced fire protection standards, adequate fireproof glazing can be installed in wooden frames.

Maintenance instead of painting

The necessity of continuous painting used to be the main reason many investors would not decide to choose wooden windows. With new surface treatment technologies, such as joint varnishing or lasure treatment (application of special transparent coatings), window maintenance has become much easier recently. In addition, more and more architects emphasize structurally determined protection of wood. For example, adequate depth of installation in outside wall, or adequate sizes of protruding roof edges prevent continuous exposure of windows to moisture.

Nevertheless, wood needs maintenance, like any other window frame material. Still, with new surface finishing techniques, such maintenance involves relatively little investment – maintenance products available commercially or from their manufacturers need to be applied once or twice a year, during window cleaning. They protect windows from weather impacts and delay the need of another painting. With good maintenance, wooden windows will survive many generations of users.

Wood life

Life of wooden windows not only depends on surface treatment but also on wood species. Softwood windows have the life of ca. 100 years, while hardwood windows may last even 300 years. Apart from renowned wood species, such as spruce, fir, pine, larch and oak, local Douglas fir also tends to be used more frequently for building windows.

Today’s „high-tech” windows are made of wood

Those who appreciate cosy and pleasant atmosphere and the charm of wooden windows do not need to sacrifice the latest technology advancements. On the contrary, wooden windows have always been setting new standards in terms of engineering. They can be combined with all types of glass and fittings. Such accessories as alarms, blinds or fans can be easily installed in them.

Modern wooden windows, fitted with proper structural components, ensure optimized protection against unwanted guests. This aspect should be discussed in more detail, considering that apartments or houses are most commonly burgled by access through windows or patio doors. Windows will be completely safe if the following structural properties are taken into account:

  • locked handles (with key)
  • reinforced glazing trims
  • precise assembly
  • burglar-proof shape of rebates
  • reinforced fittings
  • reinforced window frame design, and
  • burglar-proof glazing.

Whether a private house or a jewellery store – different resistance grades will be recommended according to type of building. Four grades are distinguished altogether. You can get best advice on this matter from the window manufacturer or an architect.

In case of fire, wooden windows will resist more as well. Fire rating of wooden windows may even exceed 90 minutes, which is more than for other materials, and therefore these windows ensure static stable condition. Even if they are on fire, they will only produce smoke and not heavily poisonous dioxins. Therefore, renovation after a smouldering fire or room renovation will be easier and less expensive because the apartment will not be contaminated with hazardous poisons.

However, wood has even more properties that make it the optimum material for construction of windows. Not only because wood has the lowest thermal expansion coefficient and therefore maintains maximised stability of shape at various temperatures and at any time of year. Thermal insulation performance of wood is unrivalled as well. And its soundproofing properties are so good that wooden windows will even be used in hotels located at busy streets, or in schools.

Source: Natürlich Holz

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