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Innovative Technology, Quality without compromise

GEALAN offers an extensive line of vinyl window profile systems for windows, doors and roll shutters. Whether as rebate-sealing or centre-sealing, whether flush or semi-recessed in design, GEALAN profile systems are made to meet all architectural requirements for usability, stability, durability, easy maintenance and environmental friendliness.


S 3000 Profile System


The universal rebate-seal S 3000 system with a construction width of 62 mm was developed for usage in all types of window constructions. Its main characteristic is its efficient construction possibilities. This means identical steel reinforcements for both frames and casings, the same drill axis for stiles and casement frame fittings as well as for mounting screws, identical eurogrooves, and the same flange for all frames and sashes.

Various profiles are available in recessed, semi-recessed and flush designs, as well as a five-chamber variant and a recycling core model with matching accessories. A special variant of the System S 3000 is the designer profile series with its accent on design possibilities for private homes. Special sash forms, with narrow heights and harmonic curves make the assembly of elegant windows possible – especially divided windows.


S 7000 IQ Profile System


Innovative profile systems for making windows: GEALAN has been providing window manufacturers with sophisticated, customer-oriented solutions for years. The IQ logo symbolises GEALAN’s own demand on their products: intelligence in the system, quality in the details. Yet another example of GEALAN’s potential is the S 7000 IQ profile system.
A window can only be as beautiful as the profile system that it is made from. That is why we put so many special features into our exclusive S 7000 IQ series. With it, windows can fulfil all of the demands customers place on their appearance: harmonic proportions, rounded corners, slender profiles and a brilliant, smooth surface.

Large glass facades can play a major role in a building’s appearance, and windows with thin frames allow even more light into the interior. The S 7000 IQ series supports this effect with extremely narrow sashes and mullions, lending windows a slender touch. The structural stability is remarkably unaffected, thanks to well-proportioned stiffeners in the profiles.
GEALAN offers comprehensive protection against intruders with its S 7000 IQ series. The 74 mm construction depth, the improved material strengths and the rigid centre seal are strong arguments, supported by the secure hardware mounting in the frame.

S 7000 IQ was the first profile system to be fully tested by an authoritative institute against intrusion: various construction styles and profile combinations covering the entire range of products and implementations. The result is certification in the resistance grades WK1 to WK3, as defined by the German norm DIN V ENV 1627ff.


S 8000 IQ Profile System


Economy as a guiding principle


The S 8000 IQ profile series demonstrates GEALAN’s consistent focus on the needs of the window market . During the development of this 74-millimetre-deep rebate-sealed system, the goal lay in creating an economic profile with efficient material usage, for easier and more efficient construction.


S 9000 IQ Profile System


Innovative central seal can be freely combined

The new S 9000 system from GEALAN – being a combined system and featuring a construction depth of 82,5 mm – combines the characteristics and benefits of central and stop seals in equal measure. The large construction depth, six profile chambers in the window frame and profile and three integrated sealing levels guarantee excellent thermal insulation. Windows therefore satisfy even the most stringent requirements.


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