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Innovativeness for the windows of the world

Our aim is to consistently implement visions in the real world. We achieve this thanks to a stimulating and process-oriented corporate culture, open-mindedness and customer orientation. We successfully combine these characteristics with high quality standards and exceptional innovativeness.

First-rate products alone are not enough for us. With Solutions Inside – comprehensive solutions for our customers with the highest standards of development – we’re setting benchmarks on the market today and will continue to do so in the future.

Window hardware

The framework for innovations

Our trendsetting hardware solutions combine intelligent product details with numerous options for saving both time and costs during the production process.

When installed, SIEGENIA window hardware offers high functionality and security while providing the highest degree of convenience and quality design. From manufacturing to installation, they maximise potential savings by reducing logistics and enabling lean workflows.

Hardware for timber and PVC

Our hardware systems for timber and PVC offer a versatile range of modern window construction solutions, and thus provide the right system for every manufacturing process.




The hardware system with conventional stop technology

TITAN AF’s conventional stop technology is a logical extension of the TITAN family. Increased efficiency and optimised logistics, tangible technical benefits and an attractive design. In terms of security, the TITAN AF can be upgraded to resistance class 3 in all allowed window sizes. Since no additional measuring and cutting is required for the resistance classes up to RC2, the manufacturing process is sped up considerably. TITAN AF is suitable for timber, timber-aluminium and plastic windows. Almost all opening types such as rectangular, arched head, rounded head, and angled head windows can be installed as single and double-sash windows.




The hardware system for pre-weld manufacturing processes

In light of the increasing variety of window types and shapes, tailor-made solutions for optimising the production chain in the field of window construction are in greater demand than ever before. The TITAN iP is the first hardware system which allows assembly on frame and sash profiles before they are welded. Its freely scalable automation level is the key to greater economy in window manufacturing without high investment costs. TITAN iP’s functional versatility is another impressive feature: it is not only suitable for all frame materials, but also for a wide range of window and opening types. The hardware also features extremely convenient operation, durability and security.



The proven hardware classic

The FAVORIT hardware system for all timber, timber-aluminium, plastic and aluminium models with fitting grooves is characterised by a modular structure and a high internal system compatibility. The low number of variants simplifies the work of architectural hardware dealers and fabricators.


Hardware for aluminium

Our aluminium systems stand for constant reliability, durability and custom design options for sophisticated, design-oriented solutions – combined with the advantages of a modular system.


ALU axxent

Sash weights up to 130 kg. The hardware system without visible turning points

In the past, the clear design and straight lines of modern glass architecture were often interrupted by the turning points on window frames. ALU axxent now makes these invisible. This gives architects attractive design options and provides builders with an elegant window design. ALU axxent’s is stripped down to the essentials, which is beneficial during assembly: its clamping compact components make the system particularly efficient. DRIVE axxent, the fully concealed motion chain drive, allows you to combine modern design with high-quality tilt or sky-light windows, while maintaining maximum convenience.


ALU 5200

Sash weights up to 150 kg sash weight. The hardware with the pre-assembled component system

Demands in terms of modern window fabrication and architecture are growing constantly. Therefore, with its optimised design, the new ALU 5200 SV offers 20 kg more load bearing capacity than its predecessor and, being low-wear and durable, it provides greater design freedom for modern living concepts. The hardware is also impressive, because it integrates perfectly into individualised production processes and is also extremely straightforward to assemble. The ALU 5200 SV is non-handed making it suitable for left and right applications. Not only does this help to reduce logistics costs, but also eliminates the possibility of errors when placing orders. As a result of its clever 3D adjustment, installation on site is easy and usually trouble-free.  In addition this hardware boasts the normal benefits of the aluminium modular system and accessories range.

The reduced track size offers greater flexibility and more freedom in terms of profile choice. The mill finish version of the hinge side can be painted to suit individual needs. In accordance with Universal Design, the ALU 5200 SV can obviously be used as standard for low threshold elements, increasing the versatility of aluminium windows.


ALU 4200

Sash weights up to 130 kg. The hardware with the pre-assembled component system

The visual simplicity of modern architecture is reflected in the simplicity of its fittings, primarily in the pre-assembled component system ALU-4200. It needs fewer components, less packaging, and the turn-only stays with punch screws means there is no need for drilling. Whether it is the continuous side and height adjustment without the need to unhinge the sash, or the fact that the system now uses just two stay sizes, you won’t come across any other tilt and turn fittings that are as quick, affordable and efficient as these.


ALU 2200

Sash weights up to 80 kg. The hardware with the pre-assembled component system

Closely based on the ALU 4200, the ALU 2200 hardware was designed specially for buildings with smaller window surfaces, and thus lower sash weights. It uses the same pre-assembled component system and benefits from the proven advantages thereof. The lightweight appearance is combined with particularly simple assembly and efficient warehousing as a result of having fewer components and packaging units. Of course, the ALU 2200 is also compatible with the ALU 4200’s comprehensive range of accessories.


ALU D300 and ALU DK200

Up to 300 or 200 kg sash weight. Load-bearing fitting solutions for large-scale glazing

Expansive glass facades add lightness to the design, but also increase the weight of the structure. This is an exceptional challenge for the load-bearing capacity of the hardware. SIEGENIA strengthens its competitive advantage in the aluminium sector with solutions developed specifically for these heavyweights. The ALU D300 is designed for side-hung sashes with weights of up to 300 kg. It can be operated either manually or using a motor. The ALU DK200 is designed for tilt & turn windows with weights of up to 200 kg. Both hardware variants feature highly flexible setting options, a comprehensive range of accessories and the option of integration in monitoring and building management systems.


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