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Aluminium Windows

Aluminium profiles are particularly diversified in terms of shaping options, and they are characterised by extremely long life. Due to their stability, they are often used for entrance doors. Aluminium profiles are also the first choice for sliding doors as they offer slender appearance and easy handling. More advanced safety fittings constitute another clear argument for aluminium profiles.

foto: Schüco


Problems which used to occur with production of condensation water have disappeared since the launch of thermally separated profiles. In addition, the choice of available surface finishes and colours is greatest for this type of profiles.




Technical advantage

  • high quality solutions for all requirements in construction technology, starting with frames and ending with the wall connection design
  • optimised load-bearing capacity – high torsional strength, also in case of high weight of glazing and high wind loads
  • extremely user-friendly with a multitude of easily operated opening options

Safe and verified

  • Protection from noise, burglary, attack with firearms and fire, with gradual programs adapted to actual needs, special profiles, fittings and glazed panels
  • Quality control of all individual components, including checks of structural parts against the entire system

foto: Schüco

Professional treatment

  • Aluminium windows are manufactured by specialised sites,
  • Quality requirements must be fulfilled, in addition to applicable standards



Diverse shapes

  • Almost any size and version for windows, doors, garage doors, glazed extensions and facades
  • Used in modern buildings and in refurbishment projects, to implement architectural concepts and for stylish renovation

Decorative colours

  • Hundreds of colour tones available through surface improvement
  • Painting: powder-coated surfaces, or
  • Anodising: surfaces are turned into oxidised layers

Innovative solutions

  • Used for active energy efficiency facades, e.g. light control, use of SOLAR ENERGY and HEAT RECOVERY



Long life

  • Long-term performance: System guarantee ensures performance for tens of years
  • Verified and certified quality

Minimum maintenance

  • Almost zero maintenance: only external care, cleaning and lubrication of moving parts
  • No actual maintenance work needed: no repainting

Stable value

  • High material and functional value: high quality materials determine permanent value
  • Recycling not affecting quality: aluminium profiles are fully reusable


Top quality!

Professional metalwork construction with aluminium profile systems

Aluminium system profiles conform to the most stringent requirements. They are a combination of most advanced profile construction technology with specially designed fittings and accessories as well as professional metalwork structure engineering.

Vendors of aluminium profile systems give a quality guarantee because they offer:

  • highest standard of their designs, achieved through ongoing research and development,
  • over ten years’ guarantee for systems, covering structural performance,
  • certificates issued by reputable audit institutions
  • comprehensive services for designers, investors and construction engineers.

After-sale service as a guarantee of success
Vendors of aluminium profile systems offer an extensive range of services, including assistance in ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations, as well as system consultancy and design engineering support for architects, up to training for metalwork construction technicians in the field of the applied systems.
The servicing package also includes long-term maintenance of spare parts stock. You will see the quality differences in selection, fabrication and installation, in any case not later than during the actual use.


Photos and materials:  Schüco, Hartmann, Hueck, Ponzio and others.

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