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Roller Shutter Curtain

Plastic and aluminium has been found particularly fit for manufacturing roller shutters. Although the use of such materials as wood and steel is possible, it is not so popular.

Plastic roller shutter curtain consists of high quality hard PVC profiles, characterised by unique durability of shape and resistance to weather. Manufacturers offer a broad range of colours with very attractive shades. Thus, it is not necessary to proceed with troublesome and time-consuming painting of plastic shutters. Plastic roller shutters are offered in different widths, according to various requirements applicable to new buildings as well as renovation of old buildings. For particularly large width sizes, profiles can be stabilised with reinforcement bars.


Aluminium roller shutter curtain is manufactured of roller profiled aluminium pieces filled with HFC-free insulation foam. The stability of aluminium roller shutters makes them fit for use in oversized windows and guarantees special protection. Aluminium shutters are resistant to weather, easy to clean, durable, and available in many colours. Moulded aluminium shutters should be recommended for extra large shutter surfaces with extreme stability and safety requirements.

Wooden roller shutter curtain is made of wooden profiles which undergo special surface treatment. They are cosy, stable and naturally beautiful, even with a nostalgic design, made of elegant wood. They can be produced to custom size and coated with various coloured varnish.

Photos: MM Rolety

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