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RKS Roller Shutters

Not only do the RKS system lintel roller shutter boxes consistently meet the applicable construction and physical performance, they are verified to offer many other advantages:
  • They are integrated with the external wall to facilitate attractive visual arrangements, without a negative impact on the shape of facade and size of window surfaces. You can also avoid air and soil entrance to the box. The box retains long-term performance.
  • Trouble-free installation is possible during the core and shell phase, avoiding costly retrofitting.
  • Installation of electric motors is easy, also as additional accessories.
  • Roller shutter boxes offer advanced burglar protection because lifting a shutter from the outside is generally prevented by its run inside the window frame, combined with adequate locking devices.


Unlimited options are available in terms of architectural facade arrangements through the use of diverse shapes of windows, terrace and balcony doors. Verified and refined finished parts for roller shutter boxes guarantee a reliable structural arrangement. Fabrication safety is also achieved through consultancy of industry experts.

Photos: MM Rolety

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