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Built-in Shutters

Front-mounted roller shutter can be retrofitted if new advanced requirements appear in terms of sound proofing, thermal insulation and safety in case of renovation and repair. Roller shutters are more and more commonly used in new buildings as well, to avoid thermal bridges.
A compact box with a control cover is closed on four sides and coated with a plastic material. Pressure moulded side walls conceal the blind edges of cuts. Roller box is available as either left-lateral or right-lateral winder. Moulded aluminium guide rails are offered with a plastic coating or anodised, at the customer’s choice.
Special pads are provided to attenuate noise. An aluminium triangular section end slat is flush with the revision cover and can be matched to colour.
For shutter curtain, you can choose from a single-wall or double-wall moulded aluminium option, filled with hydrofluorocarbon(HFC)-free foam, or a double-wall plastic option.
Top-mounted roller shutters, or integrated shutters, are installed together with the window in a single operation, which offers a major time efficiency. They are appropriate for new buildings as well as for renovation; they meet the thermal insulation requirements of modern buildings.
Photos: MM Rolety

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