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Roller Shutters

A roller shutter is a special protective measure for a window. Wind, adverse weather conditions, temperature or burglars – these are good reasons to secure a window from the outside. Unlike a roller blind, wooden slats or flat pieces are always tightly joined and can be wound up together like a sheet of fabric. Slats (height varying from 37 to 52 mm) are made of PVC, aluminium or wood and retained on the sides by guide rails. Roller shutters can also be used as doors or garage doors, and they frequently offer added protection to shop windows and doors. Roller shutters are operated with a winding rope, a cranked winding handle, or motorised. Security bars can be used instead of roller shutters as anti-burglar devices. Bars can be sliding down as well. Rolled bars also perform shutter function. However, a roller shutter built of slats will also protect glass from breaking. For insurance purposes, a roller shutter is a convincing advantage, however only with documented resistance class and certificate. A second window (double-glazed unit) should be sufficient as thermal insulation.

Building a house, extending the useful area, renovation of property is an investment for the future which should be well planned.

Therefore, you should always take into account your individual needs in terms of maximised safety, coziness and high comfort of living. A roller shutter plays an important part in taking such decisions.

If you care mainly about protection from light and unwanted viewers, you still should not disregard other properties of a roller shutter. A roller shutter has multifunctional „capacity”, combining such functions as soundproofing, thermal insulation, protection from wind and weather conditions, and a strong safety enhancement.

Apart from the various functions of a roller shutter, residential value of a building also increases strongly. Retrofitting of roller shutters is also no problem.

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