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Functionality and safety


Overload switch
Overload switch stops and reverses the gate if a leaf encounters an obstacle during closing. Rubber strip on the leaf front edge protects against damage, when the gate touches an obstacle (e.g. a car)


Photocells stop the gate and return it to an open position if there is any obstacle in driveway


Signalling lamp
Signalling lamp informs about gate operation


Gate is power supplied with 24 V
Gate is power supplied with 24 V – in case of any cable damage, there is no threat to person’s life and health


Automatic closing
Automatic closing ensures gate self-closing after the programmed period of time. If you forget to close the gate after driving in or out, the gate operator will do it instead of you.


Drive unit in a gate post AWso-2000
Cover protects the operator against weather conditions, mechanical damages and theft.

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