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Reliable operation in any conditions









  • sliding gate is a cantilever gate with roller carriage mounted to a foundation by means of foundation anchors
  • the leaf moves several centimetres above the ground, as the result it does not get blocked by anything
  • depending on the design, the gate leaf can be filled with steel profile sections or bars
  • carrying rail 95×85 mm is mounted to the gate leaf. The rail is produced from galvanized sheet in waste-free technology. This unique production process of an important sliding gate component ensures reliable, smooth and silent gate operation
  • roller carriage in rail 95×85 [mm]
  • the gate can be mounted on two or three foundation anchors
  • Standard dimensions: 3000×1200, 3000×1450, 3500×1200, 3500×1450, 4000×1200, 4000×1450, 4500×1200, 4500×1450, 5000×1450, 5000×1750, 5500×1450, 5500×1750, 6000×1450, 6000×1750 [mm]
  • Special dimensions: max width = 6000,  max height =1950 [mm]


Roller trucks in rail 95 x 85 [mm]



Assembly dimensions and its marking required for sliding gate proper selection and installation – gate opening direction – right, view from the premises side.


So – width between posts (ordering dimension)

H – gate leaf height (ordering dimension)



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