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How to design a fence?




Segments, system posts, gates and wickets made of steel.

Segments, gate and wicket made of steel, and fixed to brick posts.

Steel segments and system posts mounted onto a wall base.


Fence side consists of segments of the same width, made to size

Fence side consists of segments from the series of types + last segment made to size



Stepping of segments

Slanting segments


Sliding gate is a universal way to close the entrance.
Its leaf does not occupy any space in the gate clearance,
as it slides along the fence inside not touching the ground

We can install a double-leaf gate in any place
with sufficient space for free opening of its leaves


Wicket shall be installed so as to ensure free entry
into the premises. It may be opening in any direction.

Letter-box shall be located near wicket.
Fitted in a segment, it matches well the whole fence.

It is easy to solve the issue of waste container presence at our plot – necessary, although not very pleasant. We may build for this purpose a garden house, wall, or hoarding provided with extra wickets or segments.

If there are any obstacles (trees, shrubs, posts, electric distribution boxes) in the fence line, which are to be left in their place, we must bypass them using fence segments of nonstandard sizes and shapes.

If we have to provide comfortable access to connections of service utilities in different parts of the plot, we may use additional wickets or gates for that purpose.

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