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Functionality and safety

Specially profiled panels
Specially profiled panels (outside and inside) prevent finger trapping at panels joints, hinges and wicket door.


Cable break safety device
Cable break safety device protects the door leaf from dropping in the case of suspension cables being damaged.


Photocells ensure the door is stopped and reverse to its open position if any obstacle appears in the way.


Overload protection
Overload protection when the door leaf encounters an obstacle, a switch installed in the drive stops the door leaf and then reverse it upwards.


Integrated protection
Integrated protection ensures maximum safety against torsion spring break.


Robust construction
Robust construction and our unique sheet forming process is the basis for a well-made sectional door.


Free space in front of garage
Free space in front of garage the door is opened verically upwards and allows to save space on the driveway.


A long-term investment
A long-term investment double-sided protection against corrosion ensures sectional doors being a long-term investment.


Easy operation
Easy operation transmitters and radio receivers allow to operate four different devices.



Warm garage
Warm garage sectional doors are sealed along the entire edge and at panel joints. This makes sectional doors a perfect solution for heated garages.

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