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OPTIMUM drive unit

OPTIMUM drive units are designed to match to individual needs. Depending on the surface of the door there are three versions of the drive unit for sectional garage doors: Optimum 600, Optimum 800, Optimum 1100.

Each drive unit has an important feature: it is compatible with other devices. Thus, for example, you can operate a garage door and fence gate by the same remote controls.


OPTIMUM T drive units

OPTIMUM T drive units are designed for new or redesigned garages having power socket on the ceiling.

Drive unit is equipped with integrated control unit, two remote controls (4 channel), LED indicator, running rail with toothed bar, rail-mounted power supply adapter.


MIDO drive unit

MIDO drive unit represents the new intelligent technology in door automatics. The rail is pre-assembled with chain and carriage.This is a perfect solution to ensure fast assembly of the drive and avoid possible assembly mistakes. The simple set up procedure guarantees the fast selection of settings.

The drive features 3000 mm length running rail and is equipped with:

  • 24 V motor,
  • control unit with power supply,
  • one remote control,
  • LED indicator.




Remote control

External drive unlocking

Code lock

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