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Room Doors

Doors are important elements of interior arrangement and have a significant impact on the overall appearance of rooms. Door colour, shape and design contribute to a strong accent. For new buildings, it is important to match door frames to the perfect doors.

Have you thought of a matching shape? Do you know the difference between honeycomb cardboard core and hollow chipboard core? The world of internal doors offers an almost unlimited multitude of offers and shapes for an unprofessional eye.

A typical door usually consists of two, mostly flat, outside layers and a core, which is a determinant of quality. Room doors with honeycomb core (fig. 1) are light, stable and affordable. However, in terms of soundproofing, such doors do not meet elevated requirements. Higher quality is offered by hollow chipboards (fig. 2), which also provide better insulation from noise.

Naturally, solid wooden doors are more stable and soundproof (fig. 3). However, such doors are heavy and relatively expensive…

Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3

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