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Wood used to manufacture doors is classified basically into two grades: coniferous (softwood) and deciduous (hardwood).
Softwood includes spruce, pine, fir and larch. Hardwood includes oak, mahogany and meranti.

Wooden doors need surface protection from moisture, UV radiation, fungi and pests. To enjoy your front door for a long time, you must absolutely comply with certain care and maintenance recommendations.

Chemical anti-fungal protection is generally recommended for all wood species other than resistance grade 1 or 2 according to DIN 68364. Chemical protection agents are usually applied by the door manufacturer. In such case, such doors should not be exposed to weather conditions for more than six months before the next painting.

Medium to dark lasure coating provides better protection against UV rays. Colourless or slightly pigmented lasure coatings cannot be used outdoors because they do not provide satisfactory UV protection.

Wooden doors are extraordinarily friendly to the environment, with the low energy output in production and trouble-free disposal.

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