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With the good processing properties of PVC, many different profile geometries can be achieved and, naturally, many structural forms as well. Plastic doors are also highly resistant to weather and environmental impacts. No extra coating is necessary and corrosion is an unknown phenomenon for plastic doors.

Front door profiles consist of several sections, which – among other qualities – ensure good thermal insulation. Due to low static resistance caused by the applied material, plastic doors need to be reinforced with steel. Considering relatively high proper weight and strong one-sided load, wood/aluminium or plastic/aluminium combinations will often be used as materials for manufacture of entrance doors.

With the diversity of colours and shapes as well as the extensive range of finish and structures of wood to be used with plastic doors, they can also be used in historical buildings with a strong emphasis on reconstruction of facades with such uniform appearance.

Easy maintenance, convincing functionality, resistance to adverse impact of light and long life – these are some more advantages of plastic doors.

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