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Aluminium has been verified in all climate zones and with major loads.
Aluminium is resistant to weather conditions and as such is a strong and durable material for building entrance doors.

With high stability and corrosion resistance of aluminium as a material, aluminium front doors will have long life. Other advantages of aluminium entrance doors include their security and easy care.

In addition, there are practically unlimited choices available to customers in terms of colour and shape of their doors.

Wood and aluminium front doors

The aluminium/wood design is mainly characterised by outstanding construction and physical performance. In addition, an aluminium profile from the outside offers extraordinary protection from all types of weather impacts. Aluminium is protected by a paint coating or an oxidised coating obtained through electrolytic oxidation. This is what ensures long life of doors.

Wood from the inside provides cosy and nice atmosphere. In addition, wood has certain added functions, such as thermal insulation and soundproofing. Because wood is not directly exposed to weather impacts, it does not need to be painted frequently.
In the case of a combination of metal and wood materials, water condensate (dew) may form on the inside of the aluminium as a result of temperature fluctuations. Therefore, metal is separated from metal with an insulation core so that water condensate is no longer able to damage wood.

Apart from engineering and static advantages, front doors made of aluminium and wood are also flexible in terms of shape and arrangement. Creativity and colour choices are practically unlimited. Apart from diverse colour options for aluminium on the outside, there are multiple wood species available to be used on the inside. According to actual requirement and the system variant used, face width can be adapted to actual needs.

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