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Frohmasco, a company seated in Chociwel, the Zachodniopomorskie voivodeship, has been operating on the market since 1994. Our flagship products are plastic door fillings and filling components supplied to filling manufacturers in the EU Member States. Our customers include the largest door manufacturers in Poland.

The company’s base consists of a plant covering 10000 sq. m of manufacturing halls. Frohmasco hires 100 highly qualified employees with long experience. We have an advanced machine park. We use materials from reputable European vendors in production. Door fillings based on laminated glass matt and PE resin panels, with PUR foam cores, meet the most sophisticated thermal insulation, soundproofing, safety and appearance standards.


The quality of our products is determined by special emphasis on reliable and timely service performance. Our mission is to offer a product as close as possible to our customers’ expectations.

Our expert staff will provide technical consultancy, offering professional customer service and short lead times.

External doors with FROHMASCO filling determine the image of houses. Quick performance, reliability in timely contract execution and quality – these are the main advantages that bring measurable benefits to our partners from working with us.




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