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A beautiful way of showing style: adeco sums up its aspiration in this slogan. A main door should lend a house its very own prestigious character. Renowned designers shape this mission statement. Timelessness, consistent clear linear architecture, clear expression of form – all of this distinguishes the adeco design.

Aesthetics and ecology: Almost unlike any other door panel manufacturer, adeco succeeds in the symbiosis of aesthetics and innovation. In terms of energy efficiency the infill panels have been setting standards for years. adeco shall make sure that also in future product developments, these requirement will be fulfilled.

People are at the centre of all our activities: »We are convinced that business is carried out between people«, says General Manager Christian Reckendrees. Take us at our word. adeco promises to become a little better every day for its customers. Because for adeco, the production of door panels is more than just an efficiently applied process. Christian Reckendrees: »We are proud if our customers are satisfied and we discover main doors with our infill panels on our travels

What exactly is a door panel?

Modern main doors consist of constructive components that lend the door stability, and decorative elements. The constructive components comprise of the frame with which the door is fixed to the masonry brickwork, and the door leaf that is moved when opened and closed. The door panel is the decorative element. It governs the aesthetics. adeco door panels don’t just look good; they support the main door’s functionality significantly.

Energy saving and secure

adeco has produced door panels for years with excellent energy efficiency values and a high security standard. adeco offers three different types of door panels: double-sided attachment panels, single-sided attachment panels as well as insert panels.


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