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Door Panels

Design plays an important part in taking decisions about choosing the right door. Nevertheless, you should not compromise quality.

The doors must offer optimised resistance not only to rain, snow and frost but also to heavy sun and temperature fluctuations.


GRP (glass-reinforced plastic/RESIN) and epoxy resin panel top layers provide perfect protection with thermally resistant resin and high glass fibre contents.

Such a material will easily withstand temperatures ranging from – 20°C to + 80°C. In order to guarantee such properties, doors are extensively tested in a climatic test chamber in various weather conditions.

Such elevated requirements can only be met conditionally by PBC or HPL (high pressure laminate) top layers. High pressure laminate absorbs water, and both materials will be deformed in case of temperature fluctuations („bowl effect”). This has an adverse effect on doors’ movement performance.

The quality of insulation core determines the quantity of heat remaining in the house and the quantity of cool allowed to permeate to the inside.

Heat and cold protection insulation can be provided by different materials. Optimum insulation will be achieved for good quality materials (coefficient of thermal conductivity at 1.2 W/m2 K).

With the use of polyurethane (PUR) foam, compliance with the requirements concerning compressive strength, stability and flexural strength is optimised, which further enhances doors’ movement performance. Polyurethane as an insulation material prevents water absorption while ensuring continuously high stability of shape.

This is true in extreme temperatures as well, where other insulation materials fail.

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